For US Senate... 
                   and... US President!   

Virtue and Sacrifice = Freedom... Peace and Prosperity!

And that is...

American Freemen Against Collectivist Tyranny

In America!



Author of "The Power of Positive Thinking", Norman Vincent Peale once said, "Americans used to roar like lions for freedom,now they bleat like sheep for security.  Peace, freedom and prosperity depend upon our moral choices.  Do we chose virtue or vice , independence or interdependence, security or liberty?  It's always easier to pass the buck through socialism.  Why earn it when you can use government to steal it from your neighbor?

Do you want unequal prosperity or equal poverty?  The America's prosperity is based on the right to keep property earned.  Without that incentive, there isn't any reason to work, risk, or save.  It leads to a higher standard of living for all and lowers it if destroyed.  History has already proven it. Is America headed for Soviet amerika?  Now is the time chose!

How did Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone do it?.....especially without any insurance!  If President Obama met Daniel Boone at the Cumberland Gap, he would be ticketed for not having covered wagon and horse insurance, or maybe not having a seat belt.  Mr. Boone might also be in trouble for unregistered firearms, children not registered in school, and the lack of healthcare insurance.

Centralized power was the basic definition of tyranny used by the Founders of our Republic.  "Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely".  Such is the direction George Bush has taken us and President Obama is completing the task.  Take the Creator out of the equation, and we go from the concept of unalienable rights to  state determined rights, from a Republic to a democracy.  We create the vicious cycle of immorality, war and dictatorial government.

Lincoln once said no enemy could take drink from the Mississippi River without help from within. We as a nation and state are living in a great time of Quisling leaders(traitors) in high places. The Communist(ICC) International Criminal Conspiracy(FBI term) has long dreamed of taking over one or both political parties.  Judge them by their works.  Kruschev said he would bury our grandchildren and that we would fall like a ripe plum. 

Through the UN, they want cap and trade, healthcare, greater use of the homosexuality movement, illegal immigration, watermelon environmentalism, and more needs rather than rights government.  NEEDS ARE NOT RIGHTS!  They cannot co-exist.  Our President, democrats, and rhino republicans support these goals

Our greatest threat is not outward ,clear around the world; but inward with up to 50% of our own citizens choosing to line up with the moral,political, and economic goals of the former Soviet Union.  We need to clean the inward vessel before the outward vessel can be cleansed. Because of the poor moral climate of our country, al Quaida calls us the "great Satan".  To put it another way, we need to clean our own dirty doorstep first!.

We are a nation founded upon the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.  So, I will risk a religious statement from the founder of Pennsylvania.  William Penn said,"Tyranny begins where God leaves off."  What a wise and profound statement!  Many words can be plugged into it. So.....what is your problem?!

The greatest accomplishments require the greatest risks.  Security has never lead to greatness!  Will you help me replace our "VC in TOC" Senator  and checkmate our "politburo" Congress?!      


Tenth Amendment Resolutuon
Fiat Money/the Fed(FRS)
UN Treaties
Abortion and Stem Cell Research
Agenda 21
Barron Co. Sex Pollution Resolution
China Syndrome
Communism.. or is it just Liberalism!?
Illegal Invasion
Law & Order
Social Security