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3/25/2015 More Lilliputian Threads
1) Do you understand the damage to our liberty that would be caused by a North American Union? It is the reason for our illegal invasion. Now our congress will be voting on a Trans-Pacific ...    View Story
3/17/2015 "H#### White Women"
Does that title upset you? Read on! This topic came up while adding to my last commentary about Ferguson. I was called out for a moment to help another driver. We deliver RV's ...    View Story
3/8/2015 The Enemy of our Enemy.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has addressed our Congress and inspired many with his words. The phase "the enemy of our our enemy!" defines his talk. America has fallen for ...    View Story
2/15/2015 The Red Fifth Column
Our oath of allegiance refers to an enemy domestic. Such is the constant theme of this website. The enemy within is greater than without. A country has to be demoralized before ...    View Story
1/17/2015 Martin Lucufer? King
Oprah Winfrey has funded and completed a new propaganda film just in time for the holiday honoring MLK's good work for the CPUSA. King could have done things the American Constitutional ...    View Story
1/11/2015 Oh, Bring back Wisconsin to Me!
Last Wednesday I did something I never done since being born in 1947, and raised here. I visited the Capitol in place "useful" information in legislators mailboxes. ...    View Story
12/14/2014 White Privilege/RR Part VII
The communist minority movement has come out with a few new slogans in the race war against "White" America: 1) Hands up, don't shoot, 2) Blacks lives matter, 3) White Privilege, ...    View Story
12/1/2014 Ferguson Part II/RR Part VI
During the Cold War, the first communist pro-cell was discovered in the Dept. of Agriculture. It was called the Ware cell and consisted of students who became teachers in the Harvard ...    View Story
11/12/2014 Election 2014
We are very fortunate to win the Senate majority at last. Harry Reid is now a retired Senate President! And Gov. Walker has beaten the communist controlled unions again! Comrade ...    View Story
8/17/2014 Ferguson/Red Racism Part V
This situation is filled with agitprop lies from beginning to end. This was communist planned from our Pro-cell White House to the radicals in the street. Communists do not follow ...    View Story
7/6/2014 Governor Scott Walker
I ran for the governorship the same year he was elected, but came out of the convention with lime disease thus ending my candidacy. As I left I listened to the Marxist demonstrators ...    View Story
6/14/2014 The Diaper Invasion
...    View Story
5/25/2014 The Coming Civil War the title of a forthcoming book by talk show host Michael Savage. I'm guessing it will be about the "red diaper doper" left and its goal bringing America down from within by ...    View Story
5/11/2014 War on Women
This is just another way for the communist left to attack that part of white culture they don't control. The criminal mind always transfers what it does to someone else. It's a basic ...    View Story
5/11/2014 Commie Ball
Whose calling the kettle black? The owner of the Clippers has taken much heat for his comments and has been banded from basket-ball. But what is the virtue or lack thereof...of those ...    View Story
4/25/2014 The Bundy Blunder?
Cliven Bundy doesn't seem to know when to keep quiet....and maybe I have the same problem? The powers that be(PTB) want to discredit what he has done and will use any fuel they can ...    View Story
4/25/2014 Gay Nazism
The communists long ago started a campaign in America to teach that homosexuality is normal, natural, and healthy...and that you were born that way. They established the first gay ...    View Story
We have another crucial election year ahead and we need candidates in office that truly know and support the Constitution of the United States and who have a sound understanding of ...    View Story
4/11/2014 Oh No,...not another BUSH!?
Though they may think so, this ain't no burning one either! This one will burn down the GOP too. The first one said, "new world order" which is code for giving up our sovereignty ...    View Story
1/12/2014 AFACTS #1
1) Though having had a pleasant holiday season, we still are in the final battle for our liberty. The communists are winning on every front: racism, healthcare, energy, immigration, ...    View Story
1/1/2013 Wag-the-Dog
In the Vietnam Era, those that chose to work with their hands instead of their mouth where forced into a false war for those who went to college. We created a new elitist "british" ...    View Story
12/9/2012 The Heroes of YAK
Recently journalist Pat Cadell called the media the "enemy of our country". There are those who show their heroism through military service to our land and those who do so by the ...    View Story
11/16/2012 AA #3 Part II
4) The Audacity of Corruption That is the title of a speech given by Pat Caddell at an AIM Conference tiled "Obama-Nation: a Day of Truth. He takes the media to task for its ...    View Story
11/11/2012 Afact Alert #3
1) The R & R President The Rage and Revenge campaign of the CPUSA and Obama worked. It could also be called the racism and revenge campaign. He long ago called for slave reparations ...    View Story
11/11/2012 General Petraeus
Henry Kissinger said, "military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy". General Petraeus may have finally "betrayed" us...and his family. It brings a ...    View Story
11/4/2012 Friend or Enemy/ Vote
The time is Now! save our Republic. Will we choose like children...or like adults? Will this be about personality issues or substance and the Constitution? In my high school ...    View Story
10/14/2012 TomMY Senator or Tommy Tomcat?
While riding with an Arizona Highway Patrolman during the summer of 1976, our bi-centennial year, I was surprised and amazed by a comment by him. He said the Mob openly brags of ...    View Story
9/24/2012 AFACT Alert #2
1) The Presidential Race Thirty years ago I learned from a training seminar what very few seem to know today. Votes are determined by three factors: 50% name recognition, 40% ...    View Story
9/3/2012 Thoughts from J. Edgar Hoover
The Communist Party of the United States is a fifth column if there ever was one. Our Nation must be destroyed if world communism is to become a reality. INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM is ...    View Story
9/1/2012 Harry's Heiny
Heiny Harry and his royal behind were exposed in Las Vegas, where all that goes on there....stays there? And his brother lived with his future wife for two years before the wedding. ...    View Story
9/1/2012 Instead...
The GOP Convention is over. The Romneys, Paul Ryan, Gov. Christie, and Sen. Rubio gave the best talks. I don't know that we needed Eastwood's off-color comments? Next week we must ...    View Story
8/12/2012 A Republic of Virtue?
Do we have one? Our founding fathers based our style of government upon the two pillors of religion and morality, both of which are under attack from the communist/liberal left. The ...    View Story
7/31/2012 The Year of the Rat
This was the Chinese year,1992, in which Bill Clinton was elected to the Presidency. I would also categorize the elections of FDR and Obama in that same vein. I wonder if was 2008 ...    View Story
7/31/2012 AFACT alert #1
What the FBI called the International Communist Criminal Conspiracy is succeeding in America through the media and the Democrat party as well as half of the GOP. You will never hear ...    View Story
6/15/2012 The End
After gathering over 1000 signatures of the 2000 required, this campaign has come to an end. Others did not do their share. To those who didn't do even a small part, the phrase "thanks ...    View Story
3/17/2012 The Fluke Affair
Apparently Ms Fluke is really a flake that expects all citizens to contribute to her affairs and keep her safe from the natural consequences of self-destructive behavior. Isn't this ...    View Story
11/5/2011 Occupy America #3
This goal started almost 100 years ago after the Bolshivek Revolution. The Communist Internationale began a program of immigrating thousands into western countries, especially the ...    View Story
9/2/2011 The Soviet Black Caucus #2
To quote from the book, "The Trojan Horse in America", Moscow has long considered the Negroes of the United States as excellent potential recruits. Though Negroes in the U.S. enjoy ...    View Story
6/8/2011 Bulletin #1 Virtue
Our country is still reaching new heights in moral decay through the likes of Anthony Weiner and Arnold Schwartzneggar(and we were supposed to change the Constitution for this man!?). ...    View Story
1/1/2010 Law and Order II
Our President is at it again, trying to fuel the fires of racism for his own political gain. The reason why may come from a book written in 1966 by FBI agent Julia Brown. ...    View Story